Tim Cook’s firm Portable Wireless Charger Ecosystem Review

During juxtaposition of Tim Cook’s firm first electronic gadget mightiness with current flagships versions functional parameters, additional options, operational compatibility with other famous brands gadgets with their specific requirements, then it is possible to easily identify one least variable component of any newly performed for public attention product – smartphone accumulator volume.

The First IOS smartphones version had the lithium-polymer accumulator with volume varied within the range of 1150-1400 mil. amperes per hour. But current and newest flagships have the in-built accumulator volume starting from 3174 mil. amperes per hour and  3969 mil. amperes per hour as maximum scientific–technological advancements. Some current IOS devices, when considering their interior elements, have much more wide technical options in a menu, but lithium-ion energy rendering potential for IOS smartphones seem to have reached their engineering peak. At least in the foreseeable future or near it due to, as experts note,  some automotive and relevant to it considerations, the volume of the smartphones energy suppliers will not expand significantly.  


Insofar as developers of new devices do not strive to increase dramatically the volume of a smartphone’s battery, but more and more complement their capabilities by creating multifunctional portable power sources called power banks. In late 2019 and early 2020, a famous IT giant presented and started the promotion of the MagSafe multifaceted technical concept of an power bank portable charger. This concept is labeled as something initial that can be described  as key component of the  IOS gadgets ecosystem designed to provide faster wireless charging for QI smartphones developed in the current period.

Within such a concept developed, a portable compact external charger «MagSafe» that fastens with the surface fixtures of Apple smartphone by magnets, provides faster «via air» – induction accumulator recovery with the aim to prolong its span of 40% to 50% on average. The portable component of this system is performed by the QI devices Smart Battery Case, Apple MagSafe, MagSafe Battery Pack, Apple MagSafe Duo Charger. This line also includes stationary desktop versions of Apple Dock. But this review provides technical specifications for only the most compact chargers.

 Smart Battery Case for iPhone Xs:  additional 50% battery life with 25 hours video playback

 This portable charger’s initial task and function like for other Apple replenishers can be described as follows – to enable the longer life of the in-built smartphone energy carrier for near 50% during usual working mode exploitation. This Apple portable charger  supports induction energy rendering in Qi standard that has compatibility with XS and X smartphones versions. External replenisher has a volume – 2738 mAh, which is slightly more than 2659 mAh of some IOS smartphones’ energy carriers volume.

Its developers report the following portable energy carrier additional specifications: talk time – increasing about 33 hours,  video playback expanding up to 25 hours, 21 hours of Internet additional use, and surfing. Without the abovementioned energy rendering facility, the smartphone exploited within not very active use of the Internet mode needs a daily recharge from the outlet. In exactly the same mode of use with an additional battery, this period doubles. Qi case increases iPhone 11 battery life by 50%. In this case, the cover is discharged first, and can then be removed.

But during the smartphone recovery via a wall adapter when QI slipcover is attached to the device, the synchronized recharging mode turns on. And Apple portable charger for Iphone adjusts the relevant to their inputs volume of energy for optimal simultaneous recovery. It will take a little more than 2.5 hours to restore the charge of the case. The user can track the remaining charge in the widget on a Iphone’s dysplay. Also, when the wireless portable charger is removed from the Iphone and separately connected to the charger, the color indicator renders data about the available energy volume condensed in the Apple’s slipcover.

Portable charger body material consists of soft-touch silicone on the outside with soft lining inside. There is a possibility to select between black, white, and pink decoration colors which is suitable to the defined IPone version. Pressing the Apple’s smartphone buttons becomes noticeably tighter with the case, but you can get used for this very quickly. To turn on the smartphone mute switch, there are deep oval holes in the slipcover. The named above version of the Apple portable charger for Iphone has separate slots designed to deliver speakers and microphone sounds in relevant for the clear comprehension volume.

These oval slots designed in slipcover have no significant effect on sound quality. The in-built connector for energy rendering is in this slipcover element. The slipcover varies the smartphone size and weight. To the 177 grams XS- phone weight, another 100 will be added. This will change the smartphone position in the palm but not significantly. But this Apple portable charger due to its physical dimensions makes the IOS-phone case large.  And this additional design creates a corresponding effect for overall device appearance.

Closer to the video block, the case body becomes noticeably thinner: in the place of the accumulator compartment its size is 16 mm, in the upper part which has cutouts for cameras – 10 mm.  The smartphone can withstand short-term immersion underwater, but the case does not have such properties. Quite an important point here is the lack of protection from water and dust. Price:

Apple MagSafe Charger:  from 0 to 100% in about 1.5-2 hours

MagSafe charger magnets provide convenient 15W «via air» accumulator recovery for all IOS  current flagships. And keeping in mind the parameters of newly announced versions will be suitably sufficient for the long line of its subsequent IOS equipped examples.  This Qi charger also replenishes other equipment, including wireless headphones, Android smartphones equipped with this technology. The QI replenisher technology comprises such components: a set of circular magnets around an induction coil, a shielding system, and an NFC reader. This data can serve as аn intro reply to the requests: «What is the best portable charger for IPhone?» or «What portable charger‘s components make it best fitted for the IPhone?» Magnets designed on the external accumulator case securely dock the external battery on the smartphone’s backside.

Further NFC reader system recognizes connected IOS-phone technical characteristics and its processor requirements by using the iPhone chip. Then the attached power bank began to render the most optimal energy supply modes for the accumulator of the connected phone. Having such built-in equipment, this charger replenishes the energy carriers for all flagship smartphones versions starting from 0 to 100% in about 1.5-2 hours. This process of restoring the smartphone’s energy carrier occurs when the device obtaining the recovery is covered with the slipcase. 

The abovementioned device being precisely and completely IOS – phones compatible,  can work with any iPhone version that supports induction mode recovery. The user can insert the appropriate upgrade manually.  In this case, IOS-phone accumulator replenishment will be rendered without the magnetic clutch. The maximum volume rate – 15W will only be delivered only for iPhone 12. Other QI-equipped IOS-phones  versions will only receive energy replenishment with 7.5W.

This current standard applies solely to  Apple technology devices. Also, this data can be considered as an intro reply to the requests “What is the best portable charger for IPhone?» or “What iPhone models are most compatible for the portable charger?» This QI power bank replenishes the energy of an iPhone 11 within 5 hours. Experts recommend applying a 20 W USB C connector, which is not included in the delivery package, for the best work performance of this charger. Kit includes: MagSafe power bank, 1m USB-C wire, manual and warranty document. Cost: $ 45-53.


 MagSafe Battery Pack:  iPhone 12 & AirPods recovery

Power bank works with the Li-Pol energy-producing elements and delivers 1460 mah volume and 5 watts to replenish the energy carriers of the gadgets connected. The external energy storage provides 40%-60% recharge for the newest Ios-phones. With a 20W supply wire external accumulator complete recovery period of about 11,5 hours. Although the external replenisher is compatible preferably to serve with  iPhone 12, its specifications and energy volume are enought to render the power for more wide range QI equipped smartphones or gadgets.

This Apple portable phone charger is able to recover the energy carriers of more early phones and headphones of the abovementioned producer. The portable energy carrier rectangular case suitably docks in Apple phones as they have a similar form factor. The case of the portable charger has oval sides and doesn’t change the phone placement in the palm significantly. To recharge the portable energy carrier from on wall socket, one should apply its Lightning slot.  

When the portable charger begins to deliver the energy to the phone connected, a classic info animation will be showed on the phone’s screen. The data about the energy carrier of the Apple’s smartphone accompanied with the info regarding the energy volume of the power bank will be performed on the display in a locked mode or found in relevant menus and then placed in the display. The power bank will recover a completely discharged iPhone 12 slightly over 60% in 2 hours.  This Apple portable phone charger also can serve for AirPods or AirPods Pro.

The smartphone, according to Apple, can get warm when charged with the abovementioned power bank. In this case, its capacity will be automatically restricted to 80%. This power restriction works even the external battery is completely recovered, but  IOS-smartphone, as an example, only  65% recovered. The external battery resumes the power supply process after the temperature of the connected device becomes acceptable in terms of preserving the energy source and smartphone connected to it.

Powerbank renders pass-through charging option. This means that if an IOS-smartphone receives the energy supply via Lightning with the parallel external battery attached, then the smartphone will replenish the external accumulator too. This function is desynchronized: the external energy bank will only start recharging when  IOS-smartphone reaches about 85%. The abovementioned energy carrier user from time to time  will see warnings like – battery level 90% and similar. To remove such messages, one should make relevant settings in the  “Energy Saving” section of the display. The outer shell of the Best apple portable charger 2021 is made of smooth plastic. At the bottom rim of the best charger body, the designers have placed a Lightning connector. A light diode showing the power supply process is also there.

A portable external battery has a dedicated ring for precise IOS-smartphone docking to replenish its accumulator. Detaching a power bank that is magnetized to the smartphone case takes some force. Portable replenisher can’t be disconnected from smartphone accidentally. If the iPhone is placed in a new leather wallet case, then the mount will no longer be so tight. But after a while, the charger, having found the optimal position in the surface of the intensively advertised in 2021 accessory, will attach to the phone more securely. The MagSafe battery weighs 115 grams and is 11 mm thick. Price: $ 156 – 197.

 Apple MagSafe Duo Charger: the ability to charge iPhone and smartwatch simultaneously

This is a dual charger for Apple Watch and iPhone 12. The accessory allows the user to charge all current Apple smartphones, from iPhone 8 to the newest versions with an accumulator volume of 3687 Mah or 3969 Mah.  The parallel energy supply function of the Best apple portable charger 2021 supports all generations of A-smart-watches and headphones. The abovementioned portable energy storage works seamlessly with other Qi devices. A dual charger renders different power for devices, depending on which adapter it is powered. The highest efficiency is only possible through powerful supplies. 20W USB-C adapter provides energy near the 11W. Meanwhile, the 27W supplier or more delivers near  14W. The external energy carrier replenishes the newest smartphones to 23% – 36% in half an hour. Apple Watch S6 will be replenished in the same period for 48%. The mentioned above external energy bank will not affect the power supply speed. During smartphone and smartwatches synchronized replenishment, the recovery intensity hardly suffers – minus 13%. In both cases, there are no power restrictions during smartphone & smartwatches simultaneous recovery.  The recovery intensity for each gadget connected is identical with the level if they receive a replenishment individually.

The energy supply pad of the power bank fixes all devices tightly. It takes some effort to remove IOS-smartphone from the power supply pad by hand. To do this, the user should hold the platform. The second portable power bank part allows the user not only to place smartwatches horizontally but also to place them vertically. To do this, one should pull the magnetic platform out of the portable energy bank body. The external power bank construction is covered with soft and dense rubber. The kit includes a Lightning to the USB-C power cable. But there is no power supply unit. This component must be purchased additionally. Price: $150,3.