Apple Portable Wireless Charger Ecosystem Review

If to compare the first iPhones and the current flagships – the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, then it will be possible to easily identify the least variable component of the device in terms of technical evolution – the battery. In the first versions of the iPhone, the battery capacity varied in the range of 1150-1400 Mah, the iPhone XS Max has a battery of 3174 Mah, the Ipone 11 Pro Max – 3969 Mah. Despite the fact that the current devices have much more wide technical options in a menu, the lithium-ion batteries of Apple smartphones seem to have reached their engineering peak.

Developers of new devices do not strive to increase dramatically the volume of a smartphone’s battery, but more and more complement their capabilities by creating multifunctional portable power sources called power banks. In late 2019 and early 2020, a famous IT giant presented and started the promotion of the MagSafe multifaceted technical concept of an Apple portable charger. This concept is labeled as one of the key components of the new ecosystem of accessories designed to provide faster wireless charging for QI smartphones developed by the firm. Within the concept developed, a portable compact charger MagSafe attaches to the Apple smartphone by magnets, provides faster wireless charging, and extends the battery span from 40% to 50% on average.

The portable component of this system is performed by the QI devices – Smart Battery Case, Apple MagSafe, MagSafe Battery Pack, Apple MagSafe Duo Charger. There are also stationary desktop versions – Apple Dock. But this review provides technical specifications for only the most compact chargers.


Smart Battery Case for iPhone Xs:  additional 50% battery life with 25 hours video playback

This portable charger’s initial task, like for other Apple chargers, is to extend the battery life of the smartphone near 50% during the usual working mode. The accessory supports induction charging of the Qi standard and is suitable for iPhone XS and iPhone X. The battery capacity is 2738 mAh, which is slightly more than that of the iPhone itself  – 2659 mAh.  Its developers report the following additional features of the Apple portable charger: – increasing the talk time up to 33 hours, – expanding the video playback up to 25 hours, and rendering the additional use of the Internet up to 21 hours. Without a charging case, a smartphone exploited in the mode of not very active use of the Internet, needs a daily recharge from the outlet. In exactly the same mode of use with an additional battery, this period is doubled. Qi case increases iPhone 11 battery life by 50%. In this case, the cover is discharged first, and can then be removed.

But if the user charges a smartphone with a QI case via an adapter and a wall charger, then both the smartphone and the case will be replenished simultaneously. It will take a little more than 2.5 hours to restore the charge of the case. The user can track the remaining charge in the widget on a smartphone. Also, when Apple portable charger for Iphone is removed from the smartphone and separately connected to the charger, color indicator renders data about the state of charge of the Apple device. The body of the portable charger is made of soft-touch silicone on the outside and soft lining on the inside. You can choose between black, white and pink decoration colors which is suitable for your IPone. Pressing the smartphone’s buttons becomes noticeably tighter with the case, but you can get used to it very quickly. The QI case has a deep cutout for the Iphone mute switch. There are separate slots for the speaker and microphone designed in the Apple portable charger. They do not greatly affect the sound quality. And the charging connector is also designed here.

The size and weight of the Apple smartphone varies with the case. To the weight of the iPhone Xs, which is 177 grams, another 100 will be added. This will change the feeling of a smartphone in the hand. The size of the battery compartment of this Apple portable charger for Iphone has become larger, which has a corresponding effect on the overall device appearance. Closer to the camera block, the case becomes noticeably thinner: in the place of the battery compartment it is 16 mm, and in the upper part with a cutout for cameras – 10 mm.  The smartphone can withstand short-term immersion underwater, but the case does not have such properties. Quite an important point here is the lack of protection from water and dust. Price:

Apple MagSafe Charger:  from 0 to 100% in about 1.5-2 hours

MagSafe charger magnets provide convenient 15W Qi wireless charging for iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max. This Qi charger can replenish the batteries of other equipment, including AirPods and Android smartphones that support this technology. The core QI charger technology is the following –  the device is equipped with a set of circular magnets around an induction coil, a shielding system, and an NFC reader. This data can serve as аn intro reply to the requests: «What is the best portable charger for IPhone?» and «What components make the portable charger for the IPhone really the best?» 

With the help of magnets, the charger is securely docked with the smartphone, and the NFC reader system recognizes the technical characteristics of the device using the iPhone chip and provides the most optimal charging modes for its battery. With such built-in equipment, this charger replenishes the batteries of new versions of the iPhone from 0 to 100% in about 1.5-2 hours. The process of restoring the battery of the smartphone occurs even if the device being charged is placed in a case.

While MagSafe is only completely compatible with the iPhone 12, it also will work with any iPhone that supports wireless charging. But the replenishment of the device’s battery will be rendered without the magnetic clutch. The maximum charge rate of 15W will only be achieved with the iPhone 12. The rest of the iPhones with wireless charging options will only get 7.5W. This is a current standard that applies only to Apple technology. Also, this data can be considered as an intro reply to the requests “What is the best portable charger for IPhone?» and “What iPhone models are most compatible with the portable charger?» This QI charger replenishes the energy of an iPhone 11 within 5 hours. Experts recommend using the 20W USB C Power Adapter, sold separately, to get the best out of this charger. Kit includes: MagSafe charger, 1m USB-C cable, instructions for use, and warranty card. Price: $ 45-53.

MagSafe Battery Pack: to charge iPhone 12 model & AirPods

The capacity of the external battery is 1460 mAh. The device battery type is Li-Pol. The charger renders 5 watts to replenish the smartphone’s battery. The MagSafe battery can provide one complete charge for the iPhone 12 mini and a partial charge for the rest of the iPhone. iPhone 12 Pro can get up to 60%, iPhone 12 Pro Max up to 40%. The external battery charging time with a 20-W power adapter – 12 hours.  Although the battery is designed for iPhone 12 models, it can be used to charge any Qi-based device. This Apple portable phone charger can also replanish older iPhones and AirPods.

The portable charger battery has a rectangular case to match the shape of the Apple phone and attaches to the back of an iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, or 12 Pro Max for extra power. The visible back of the MagSafe battery is rounded with rounded corners, while the front is flat and recessed. There is a built-in Lightning port for charging the MagSafe battery. The smartphone will work with iOS 14.7 and newer systems.

When portable charger battery is connected, a classic info animation appears on the screen of the phone. There is also data regarding the charge level of the Apple smartphone and the power bank itself – they can be viewed on the lock screen and in the “Battery” widget, which can be placed on the main screen or opened via the “Today” view. The device can charge a completely discharged iPhone 12 slightly over 60% in 2 hours.  This Apple portable phone charger also allows you to charge AirPods or AirPods Pro.

The iPhone, according to Apple, can get warm when charged with a MagSafe battery, so it is automatically limited to 80%. This works even if the power bank is completely charged, and the iPhone, for example, has 65%. The charging process will resume when the temperature drops to values ​​that are acceptable in terms of preserving the power source and the device it is charging. Powerbank supports a pass-through charging option. If the iPhone is charging via Lightning and the MagSafe Battery Pack is connected to it at that time, then the smartphone will charge it too. But the power bank will only start charging after the iPhone reaches 80% or more. When using the MagSafe Battery Pack, you may receive a notification that your iPhone is only 90% charged. The restriction can be removed when you go to the “Energy Saving” section in the “Control Center”.

The outer shell of the Best apple portable charger 2021 is made of smooth plastic. At the bottom end of the best charger case, the designers have placed a Lightning connector, as well as a light indicator. On the back of the portable charger case a dedicated ring for placing the IPhone to replenish the battery is designed. Detaching a power bank that is magnetized to the back of an iPhone takes some force. And portable charger and Apple smartphone can’t be disconnected with the awkward move. If the iPhone is placed in a new leather wallet case, then the mount will no longer be so tight. But after a while, the charger, having found the optimal position in the surface of the intensively advertised in 2021 accessory, will attach to the phone more securely. The MagSafe battery weighs 115 grams and is 11 mm thick. Price: $ 156 – 197.


Apple MagSafe Duo Charger: the ability to charge iPhone and smartwatch simultaneously

This is a dual charger for Apple Watch and iPhone 12. The accessory allows the user to charge all current Apple smartphones, from iPhone 8 to iPhone 12 Pro Max. Dual charging function of the Best apple portable charger 2021 supports all generations of Apple Watch as well as wireless-charging AirPods. MagSafe Duo Charger works seamlessly with other Qi devices. A dual charger renders different power for devices, depending on which adapter it is powered. Maximum efficiency is only possible with powerful power supplies. 20W USB-C adapter provides charge power up to 11W.

And a USB-C adapter 27W or more – will deliver a charge power up to 14W. The device replenishes iPhone 12 Pro Max in 23% in half an hour, iPhone 12 mini – 36%, Apple Watch S6 – 48%. MagSafe case does not affect charging speed. When charging iPhone + Apple Watch synchronously, the charging speed hardly suffers  – minus 1-3%. In both cases, there are no power restrictions when charging iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously. The charging speed of the devices is identical to the level if they were charged individually.

All devices are fixed on the charger tightly. iPhone can not always be removed from the charging pad with one hand. To do this, the user should hold on to the platform. The second part of the charger allows the user not only to lay Apple Watch horizontally,  but also to place it vertically. To do this, the user should pull the magnetic platform out of the case. The MagSafe Duo Charger construction is covered with soft and dense rubber. The kit includes a Lightning to the USB-C power cable. But the charging unit will need to be purchased additionally. Price: $150,3.