Best portable charger for Iphone 12

Most relevant for Iphone 12 portable power banks with multiple USB and optimal volume

According to research by international organizations, today’s mature professionals spend on the Internet on average 1.5 times more time than teenagers and 2 times more than younger students. But in the foreseeable future, this trend will level off. The generation of digital natives – representatives of the global pool of people who have been holding smartphones in their hands since childhood, unlike digital immigrants – people born and raised without such smart devices, will use them more and more. Digital natives, as researches show, strive to own gadgets of not one, but several different manufacturers. Powerbanks for them are an ideal option to be global, work, travel, and have at their disposal both iPhone and tablet from Samsung. Therefore, they need hardy power banks that can charge two or three devices of different brands using different ports and do it in parallel mode. In this review, we present to your attention power banks that are compatible with both the Iphone12 and gadgets of other brands.

HyperJuice 130W USB-C 27000mAh: 3 ports with Quick Charge 2.0, 3.0.

This optimal portable charger for Iphone 12 powered by a Li-Ion battery has a capacity of 27000 mAh. The device provides two USB C Power Delivery ports with a maximum power of 60 and 100 W and a USB port to render fast charging – Quick Charge 2.0, Quick Charge 3.0. Battery charging time in 100 W charging mode is 1 hour. The portable charger maximum output power is 112 W. The power bank can charge three devices in a parallel mode. Its battery volume is sufficient for 7 times Iphone 12 replenishing and conveniently located interfaces ensure easy connection of the devices.

All three ports of the portable charger are at the end of the case. To the left of them there is the button for power bank on/off. To the right of the ports is a five-lamp LED. Each diode is equal to 20% of the power bank’s battery level. The charger is compatible with Android iOS, iPhone 12, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max Mac OSX. The device has a built-in controller board that protects the connected gadget and the battery from short circuits. This optimal portable charger for Iphone 12 body material is strong aluminum, which guarantees the high strength and durability of the model.  Kit includes USB C charging cable. Dimensions 183x77x21 mm. Weight 550 g. Price:


RAVPower RP-PB067: 6 times for iPhone X 12 & 3 gadgets synchro- replenishment

Powerbank works with a 26 800 mAh lithium polymer battery. This supply is enough to replenish the iPhone X –  6 times, 4.5 times for the Samsung Galaxy S10, or at least 3 times for charging the iPad mini 2019. The Powerbank battery has four ports. These are two ports 2 USB A, one micro-USB (only for feeding the power bank itself), and USB C. The latter works both for input and output. The device can simultaneously charge 3 gadgets. Powerbank current via USB 3 A/5V. Charge current USB A (1st) – 2.4 A/5V.

Charge current USB A (2nd) – 2.4 A/5V. Power at 1 connected device is 15 W. The output power per port is 15W (3A/ 5V). This best portable charger for Iphone12 charging speed can be accelerated by connecting both USB C and micro-USB to a power source. In this case, the duration of the charging process will not exceed 8 hours. For comparison: to replenish the battery only via Type-C, 10-11 hours are needed. The body of the device comprises plastic with rounded edges. Size: 172x81x22 mm. Weight 462 g. The kit includes two micro-USB to USB C cables and a carrying case. Price: $52.

BASEUS Mini S Bracket 10000: 2 completeiPhone 12 replenishment & QI – 10 W

The Powerbank has an integrated Li-Pol battery with a volume of 10000 mAh in 2A/5V mode. Powerbank charge current via USB – 3 A/5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A/. USB C charge current – 3 A/5V/ 3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A. Charge current USB A (1st) – 3 A/5V/ 3A, 9V/ 2A, 12V/ 1.5A. The portable charger volume is 18 W. The stored energy of this best portable charger for Iphone12  is enough for 2,5 charges of the iPhone 12 or one and a half charges of the one of the best smartphones – Huawei Mate 20. For wired charging of gadgets, the power bank has USB A and USB C. Powerbank provides a built-in induction charging surface of the Qi standard and synchronous charging of two gadgets in the mode of the two most popular technologies: Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, 3.0 and USB Power Delivery.

Fast Charge can deliver up to 18W of electrical power over a single connection and speed up servicing of compatible smartphones or tablets. The wireless induction charging surface can transmit up to 10W of power, which is equivalent to cable charging in 2A/5V mode. Micro-USB and USB  are ports for replenishing the battery of the power bank. All ports of the device are on the end of the case. There is also a display showing the level of available charge of this optimal portable wireless charger for Iphone12 in percentage. The power button is at the top of the edge of the power bank case. The power bank has a plastic case with rounded edges. The Qi surface of the portable charger comprises rubberized silicone with a circular pointer for optimal placement of the any smartphone including Iphone12 on the pad for wireless replenishment. The kit includes a micro-USB cable. Size: 95*6 *25mm. Weight 218 g. Price: $ 31.6

Remax Proda Chicon Wireless PPP-33: 2 devices simultaneous recharge & Qi standard

The battery uses a 10,000mAh Li-Polymer battery at 3.7V. The micro-USB port works to recharge the battery. USB current 2.1 A/5V. Charge current USB A (1st) 2.4 A/5V. Charge current USB A (2nd) 2.4 A/5V. USB Type-A ports with a power of 2.4A/5V on one connector or two in total provide a wired connection of smartphones and other gadgets. The power rendered by the power bank with one connected device is 12V. The power bank provides standard replenishment of gadgets via a cable with a micro-USB port – up to 2 devices simultaneously. And also this optimal portable wireless charger for Iphone12 render charging according to the Qi standard.

The Qi function wirelessly transmits the power of 5 W (1A/5V) for smartphones Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Xiaomi, and others. When using an external charger operating in 2A/5V mode, the full charging time is about 6 hours. All three USB and Lighting ports are at the end of the charger case. The power button is also here. In the upper part of the right edge of the charger, there is a four-lamp LED indicator of the residual capacity of the power bank. One diode is equivalent to a 25% charge. The device has Rohs certificate. The power bank case comprises soft-touch plastic. Size: 138x67x16 mm. Weight 192 g. Kit includes micro-USB cable. Price: $ 18.6


Havit HV-H347:  Quick Charge 2.0, 3.0, and Power Delivery for iOS/Apple and Android/Google devices & QI – 10 watts

The power bank provides a Li-Pol battery with a capacity of 10,000 mAh. The inputs of this optimal portable phone charger for iphone 12 mini are slots micro-USB and USB C. The charging current of the power bank via USB is 2 A/ 18 W. USB charge current C 3 A/18 W. Charge current USB A (1st) 3A/18 W. Power bank wireless charging is 10 watts. The device provides Quick Charge 2.0, 3.0, and Power Delivery for iOS/Apple and Android/Google devices. The mentioned technical specifications of the power bank are sufficient for the batteries of the newest smartphones, tablets, and other smart gadgets.

The presence of an LED indicator on the front panel of the portable phone charger makes it possible to understand how long the battery will work. The built-in controller board maintains auto power off function, that protects the power bank and the smartphone connected including  Iphone 12 mini from short circuits and voltage surges, guaranteeing a long service life for the power supply. All four charger ports are on the right edge of the charger case. The body of the power bank comprises high-strength soft-touch plastic with rounded edges. The kit of this optimal portable phone charger for iphone 12 mini includes a micro-USB cable. Size: 157x74x22. mm. Weight 398 g. Price: $ 37.14.

Hoco J50-10000: two gadgets in synchronized mode recover & Qi – 5V

The power bank works with a Li-Pol battery with a capacity of 10000 mAh. It restores Apple smartphones and devices from any manufacturer. The device replenishes wireless headphones, portable acoustics, multimedia players, action cameras, book readers, navigators with a power of 5 V. Powerbank inputs:  Micro-USB, USB C, Apple Lightning. Powerbank’s current via USB 2 A/ is 5V. Charge current USB A (1st) 2 A/5V. The power for 1 device is 10 W. With these technical specifications, the power bank charges two gadgets in synchronized mode. The built-in Qi wireless charging option works in 5W. The power bank inputs are: USB C, micro-USB, or Apple Lightning in 2A /5V mode. The recharge time of the power bank battery is 6 hours.

On the surface of the case of the best portable wireless charger for Iphone12, there is a four-lamp LED providing information about the battery level. Each diode is equivalent to 25% of the power bank’s battery charge. The QI  wireless  charger surface comprises rubberized silicone. In the center of the portable accumulator QI surface, there is a navigation mark – four rounded corners with a cross in the middle for best precise placement of the Iphone12 or any other smartphone. Powerbank has a plastic case. All ports of the power bank are at the end of the case. Size: 139x69x20 mm. Weight: 246 gr. Price: $ 18.6.

RAVPower RP-PB080:  10400 mAh  & Fast Wireless Charge for IPhone12

The power bank uses a built-in 10400 mAh lithium-polymer battery as an energy storage device. The charge current of the power bank via USB is 2 A/5V. Charge current USB A (1st) – 2.4 A/ 5V. The device renders energy via cable with the USB Type-A port and wirelessly according to the Qi standard with 10 W. This best portable wireless charger for Iphone12  provides a fast wireless charging mode, which is compatible with Apple iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8, and newer devices like IPhone12. Fast Wireless Charge accelerates Apple iPhone recovering is 1.5 times – up to 7.5 W. The speed surplus for Samsung models reaches 100% – up to 10 watts.

The device receives power through the micro-USB port. In the maximum mode, the charging time does not exceed 6 hours. Two ports of the power bank and the power button are at the end of the charger body. The 4-segment power bank capacity indicator is on the top of the charger case. Each diode is equivalent to 25% of the battery’s charge level. The device has a controller board that provides all the necessary types of protection: against voltage surges, overheating, short circuits. Case material comprises plastic. The QI surface is a rubberized silicone circle with anti-slip lugs. Size: 163x76x23mm. Weight: 300g. Price: $ 44.6.