Best portable wireless charger for iphone 12 pro maх

Key technical parameters for the portable power bank optimal for IPone 12 pro max review 

In 1820, André-Marie Ampere proved that electric current creates a magnetic field, and in 1831 Michael Faraday discovered the law of induction, which became the basis of modern wireless charging. In 1888, Heinrich Hertz confirmed the existence of an electromagnetic field. His research helped Nikola Tesla transmit energy over a distance for the first time. It happened in 1893 at the Chicago World’s Fair. Until the end of the 20th century, many scientists experimented with the transfer of energy over a distance in different ways.

On June 29, 2007, the iPhone 2G went on sale in the USA – the operating system iPhone OS 3.1.3 (7E18), the volume of the lithium-polymer battery is 1400 mAh. On October 13, 2020,   Apple presented its newest smartphone version with a 2,6 times stronger 3687 mAh lithium-ion battery and A14 Bionic processor with the iOS 14 operating system. But milliamps of the newest Apple version are still lagging behind the demands of smartphone in gigahertz, megapixels, and gigabytes. Due to its battery volume, this device for precise operation should be in usage with  optimally equipped battery  which can serve as a relevant portable charger for IPhone 12 pro max.  

But today there is no a one portable charger to deliver all options for IPhone 12 pro max technical requests. And if before the main criterion for power banks purchasing was only the volume of the battery, now speed and multifunctionality are becoming important also. Few people agree to wait 4-6 hours forthe smartphone to charge. To solve this task, best portable chargers manufacturers from America, Europe and Asia, are developing new electronic advancements. They create the new types of cells for the batteries, new charging protocols. And they focus the efforts for more advanced use of the discovered by Michael Faraday wireless charging technology as an additional QI power delivering function for smartphones like IPhone 12 pro max.

This review provides technical specifications of the external batteries that provide theenough volume forQi function and are able to charge the battery of thementioned above device. The target of this analytical brief is to render structured drawing regarding what technical characteristics should portable charger for IPhone 12 pro max include to be reliable battery for this newest Apple electronic work-of-art and for the smartphones of other well-known brands with similar technical parameters.


Evio D72-W: 10000 Mah:Qi with a power of 10 W & 3 devices simultaneously option

Universal mobile battery with lithium polymer battery type with 10000 mAh and wireless charging mode. Connection interface -Apple (lightning), micro USB, USB Type-C. USB port Input: DC 5V = 2.1A. USB output: DC 5V = 2.1A. The USB port serves as a recharging slot. With such technical specifications, Power Bank can charge 3 devices simultaneously – 1 smartphone in QI mode and 2 smartphones via the wire. The power bank supports the function of wireless charging with a power of 10 W. 

To switch on the power bank You should shake it. One of its features is a 26 cm hidden cord with a double connector – USB, Miro USB  to charge the phone or charge the power bank. The best portable charger for IPhone 12 pro max has a display with a battery charge level indicator and a controller board protecting against overvoltage at the input, output, short circuit, Improper use of connectors, reverse current, overheating and overcharging. The body material of the portable charger comprises best aluminum with plastic side inserts with rounded edges. The kit includes: USB cable, Lightning adapter for IPhone 12 pro max and approaching iPhone 12s, USB Type-C adapter. Size 87*87*18 mm. Weight: 187 Price: $ 15.6.

Hiper Power Bank NANO X 10 000 мАh: Qi wireless charging with a power of 10 watts

The portable charger provides a micro-USB input that works in both directions. USB Type-C serves as an output. Powerbank charge current via USB 3 – A/18 W. USB C charge current – 3 A/18 W. Charge current USB A (1st) – 3 A/18 W. Charge current USB A (2nd) – 3 A/18 W. USB Type-A provides Quick Charge 2.0, 3.0 fast charging. USB Type-A provides a normal charging function. The best portable charger for IPhone 12 pro max  can operate in Battery Charging 1.2 and Power Delivery modes. Also, the  portable battery works with Samsung, Huawei, Apple and MediaTek protocols and renders Qi wireless charging with a power of 10 watts. The external battery can charge four devices at the same time. This function is possible only if none of them uses the Quick Charge mode. The battery “wakes up”, when the wire is connected. In the absence of load, it automatically turns off.

The battery capacity of the charger is enough to charge an IPhone 12Pro max with a 3687 mAh battery twice.  Complete replenishment of the IPhone 12Pro max from o to 100% takes 140 minutes  If you connect an adaptor that supports fast charging, then it will take 95 minutes to recover the device. The 10W wireless charging power recovers the smartphone for about three hours. When charging the power bank via micro-USB (QC 2.0), or via USB Type-C (QC 2.0 and PD) with a standard power supply, the time of the best portable wireless charger for IPhone 12 pro max  full recovery is about 6 hours. When using fast charging, this figure is 4 hours. 

After a month of inactivity, the power bank volume remains practically unchanged. The rectangular case of the device with rounded side edges сomprises aluminum and has black plastic inserts at the ends.  A round QI pad made of anti-slip rubberized silicone for the proper placement of wireless charging gadgets is above them. All ports and functional elements: the power button, four blue LEDs informing about the amount of the remaining charge are at the end of the power bank case. The kit includes a 22cm USB-micro-USB cable. Size: 143x68x13 mm. Weight 240 g. Price: $ 25.7.

Prestigio Graphene PD Pro 20000 Mah: Qi  wireless  charging standard – 10 W & 3 times recovering of any smartphone

This external power bank is the first portable accumulator in Europe that works with a 20,000 mah graphene battery. Thisbest portable wireless charger for IPhone 12 pro max element has minimal heating, which increases both the overall service life and the speed of the charging process. The power bank inputs are micro-USB and USB C. The power bank charge current via USB is 3 A/60 W. USB C charge current – 3 A/45 W. Charge current USB A (1st) – 3 A/18 W. Charge current USB A (2nd) – 3 A/18 W. Portable wireless charger power at 1 device is 45 W. External battery volume is sufficient for 2-3  recovering of  best smartphones of the current model range like IPhone 12 pro max. Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery protocols speed up the recharge time of connected devices.

The maximum output power of 45W is suitable for powering laptops. The battery can simultaneously charge up to 3 devices. Wireless charging of the Qi standard – 10 W complements the wired interfaces of the device. With a 60 W power supply, the charging time of this best portable wireless charger for IPhone 12 pro max is 100 minutes. The body material is aluminum. All ports of the power bank and an info display showing the battery charge level in percent are on the edge of the charger. The package includes a case and USB-C cable. Size: 110x80x23 mm. Weight 410 g. Price: $ 85.4

Xiaomi Wireless Powerbank 10 000 мАч: Qi – 10W & 3 devices in synchronized mode option

The power bank uses a lithium polymer battery cell. Input and output (USB-C): 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A up to 18 W. Output USB-A: 5V/2.4A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A up to 18 W. Output Qi – 10W. Total output to all ports (including Qi): 5V/ 3A. USB-C, USB-A ports provide fast charging technology – Qualcomm QC3.0/2.0, Samsung AFC (9V, 12V), Huawei FCP (5V, 9V) – 18W Apple (2.4A) – 12W. USB-C port provides Power Delivery 2.0 function Profiles: 5V/ 3A, 9V/2A – 18 W. The abovementioned technical specifications and features of this optimal portable battery charger for IPhone 12 pro max is enough for 2-3 full charges of the smartphone, depending on the battery capacity and charging technology. 

While the portable battery is in charge, it can render the energy to the device via the USB-A port and at the wireless function.  The wireless platform is active during power bank recovery. So the Powerbank can serve as a stationary Qi charger. The power bank supports charging low-current accessories such as fitness trackers, smartwatches, and headphones. Double pressing the function button activates the  Low current mode. In this case, the port will render the energy for exactly two hours, which is enough to charge any accessory. By pressing the button once the mode turns of.

Portable battery charger can replenish three devices in synchronized mode – two in wired mode and one, for instance IPhone 12 pro max  wirelessly. Fast charging only works with one device connected. If two or more devices are connected, the slow mode works with a maximum current power of 5V/3A. The charging time of this optimal portable battery charger for IPhone 12 pro max from 0 to 100% is 4 hours using an 18 W adapter (USB PD or QC3.0). If you use a regular 5V/2A (10W) unit, the battery recovers in 6 hours. And with a 5V/2.4A unit, it takes about 5 hours. To start charging the device wirelessly, you need to press a power button once, then the blue LED will light up, indicating that the Qi coil is on. The device provides two modes of wireless charging: standard 5-watt mode – 5V/1A and fast 10-watt charging – 9V/1.1A.

A charge indicator consisting of four white LEDs and a power button are near them. Next to the charge indicator is another LED, blue. It lights up when wireless charging is in progress. Unlike auto-activation of physical ports, wireless charging must be turned on manually with a short press on the function button. Size: 147.9×71.6×18.4 mm. Weight: 303 g. Kit includes USB-A to USB-C cable. The price of this optimal power bank charger for Iphone 12 pro max is $ 74.3.

Xiaomi Zmi LevPower M10: QI wireless charging and 3 devices simultaneous replenishment

The device provides a Li-Pol battery with a capacity of 10,000mAh – 37W. Output interfaces USB A, USB C, and the wireless charging zone render simultaneous energy replenishment of 3 devices with a total power of 15 W . The speed and power of one external device replenishment  depends on the interface used: USB A – 5 V/2.1 A (maximum 10.5 W), USB C – 5 V/3 A (18 W).

The device provides 18W bi-directional fast charging and wireless charging (depending on smartphone model) in  7.5 W to 10 W. QI power for iPhones is  7.5W.  USB C port recovers 50% of the power bank volume in half an hour.

Built-in Apple Lightning input port – 5 V/2.4 A, 12 W. Allows you to work correctly with Apple devices like Iphone 12 pro max.  The device is certified by Apple MFi (Made For iPhone/ iPod/iPad). The Quick Charge 2.0 and Power Delivery fast-charging standard recovers many Android mobile phones, as well as the popular LG, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel smartphones. Lightning and USB C ports serve to restore the power reserve of the battery. The body of the portable charger comprises black anodized aluminum. 

On the surfaces of the device, there is a rubber pad with the ZMI logo, which prevents the smartphone from sliding during wireless charging. All four ports of the device are at the end of the charger body. There is a five-lamp LED above them. Each diode is equivalent to 20% of the battery power in the power bank. The disadvantage of this optimal power bank charger for Iphone 12 pro max is the lack of charging cables. Size: 150x72x18 mm. Weight 304 g. Price: $37,2.