Portable charger for IPhone best buy

Most relevant for business usage and long-range tourism portable power banks review

The easiest way to solve the problem with a smartphone and a portable gadget discharged on the road is to use a power bank.  This device is a large-capacity external battery housed in a case, complemented by a controller board, and equipped with several interfaces. Powerbanks differ in battery capacity, size, weight, additional functionality, and design. For business communications, conversations with friends, surfing the Internet, and listening to music, a device with a capacity of 10,000 mA/h is quite enough. But fans of hiking and long cycling are more likely to use batteries with a  15-20 thousand mA/h. volume. In today’s electronics market, many manufacturers present their devices in different formats. Based on expert judgment and customer feedbacks, this overview presents some of the best optimal devices, that serve as portable charger for iPhone, but differ in terms of battery capacity, price, brand awareness, and functionality.

QS-10, 10000mAh:  IPhone + 2 devices simultaneous charge & electronic display

This portable charger is designed for IPhone, other smartphones, tablets, e-books, fitness watches, and many other gadgets batteries recovering. The battery capacity of the charger is 10,000 mAh. Battery type – lithium polymer. The external battery can charge three devices simultaneously – via USB  and Type-C output. Power bank current via USB 2-3 A/18 W. The power bank provides backward compatibility with the pass-through charging function. In this mode, the portable charger safely recovers ordinary smartphones batteries or makes charge for IPone accumulators via USB. Quick Charge 3.0 renders the charge via micro-USB, 18W. Power Delivery unit delivers the energy via two Type-C ports, 18W. If several devices are connected to the device at once, then the fast charging modes will be disabled.

During the operation of the abovementioned replenisher, the gadgets it charges and the battery of the portable charger for Iphone itself are protected by a system that automatically detects the connected gadget. The in-built safety unit selects the optimal operating mode for the fast and safe recovery of the charger and the smartphone connected. The power bank has built-in protection against short circuits, overheating, over-discharge, and overcharge. The display located on the upper edge of the power bank case shows the percentage of the remaining charge. If you connect a gadget with fast charging support to the battery, the QC – PD mode indicator will light up above the percent digit in the form of a lightning bolt.

The power bank turns on automatically after connecting the smartphone. However, in some cases, you may need to press the power button. One press of the button – switching on, two presses – switching off the device. The case material of the paver bank is plastic. Weight – 200 g. Dimensions – 86 × 63 × 24 mm. This replenisher is an example of the – Portable charger for Iphone best option. Its kit includes a USB C cable. Price: $ 4.71.

Baseus Super Mini 20000 mAh: Iphone and a gadget synchronized replenishment

The portable charger can replenish one smartphone, IPhone,  tablet, or any other two devices in a synchronized mode. There are 2 USB outputs for this one of the best function for all chargers. The USB Type-C is designed for charging the battery itself. The power bank is compatible with IPone11, Pro, Pro Max, XR, XS, XS Max. The power bank serves with the Li-Pol type built-in battery. USB C current: 3 A. Charge current USB A 3 A; Power on all ports – 15 W. During simultaneous charging,  two or three times interruption of the process will occur. The portable charger provides Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging technology with a power of 22.5 watts.  And what is the best for IPhone, the device has nine levels of protection – against overcurrent, overvoltage, overcharge,  overheating, short circuits, and electromagnetic field.

A screen located on the top of the charger shows the exact remaining battery level of the described above device, which can be labeled as a portable charger for Iphone best option The LED provides data on the battery charge level in two modes – normal and fast. During fast charging of the gadget, in the upper right square of the LED, the “lightning” sign glows in red. The body material of the charger is anti-slip plastic. Dimensions: 122*54*29 mm. Weight: 330 gr. Kit includes USB C adapter cable. Price $ 29.3.

Litionite Dragon 60,000 мАч : 2 devices simultaneous charge plus wireless replenishment

The large capacity of the charger allows you to charge your devices multiple times. Connection specifications – 2 x USB (5V/3A), 1 x USB-C (5V/3A), 1 x AC (220 V/50 Hz/130 Watt – 110 V/60 Hz/130 Watt). The charger is powered by lithium-ion batteries. The power bank provides two USB ports for charging two devices at the same time. Simultaneously with this function, the charging base can wirelessly charge a mobile device such as an iPhone. Quick Charge function of this device, which can be labeled as portable phone charger for IPhone most powerful option, can be rendered via  USB Quick Charge.  And the charger  delivers pass-through charging also.

This function is activated by a short press of the power button while the charger is connected to the mains via the wall adapter. The device turns off automatically after 1 minute of inactivity when plugged into an outlet or USB port. The charging time of the portable phone charger via the 19V/2A wall adapter is 8-10 hours. From solar panels, charging time is up to 12 hours.


The LED indicator will provide information about the battery charge level. The device, and this option is relevant for IPhones and other gadgets,  incorporates a protection system against voltage surges, short circuits, and overheating of both the power bank itself and the device it charges. The body of the charger is made of shock-resistant alloy. On the bottom of the bank, there are rubber suction cups that attach the device to any surface. Dimensions: 22×15.1×4 cm. Weight: 1.8 kg. The package of the portable phone charger for IPhone includes: micro USB cable, DC cable, universal adapter for all types of plugs. Price: $ 315.4.


Defender ExtraLife 15000F: 4 charges for Ipone 11 Pro Max&two devices charge in a parallel mode


This universal power bank is compatible with most smartphones and tablets. Its battery capacity is 15,000 mAh. The product comes with 2 USB ports and can charge two devices in a parallel mode. Output interface – USB Type A, input interface – Micro-USB. The maximum output current is 2.4 mA. The device uses a Li-Ion battery. The power bank can render four charges of the iPhone XS Max or Ipone 11 Pro Max. The device provides only the standard function of charging for connected devices.

The device has multifaceted protection against possible short circuits or voltage surges. There is a small recess in the front of the charger body. In this part of the case, you can find the power button of this portable charger for iPhone best buy model  and a four-lamp LED indicator. Each diode represents 25% of the charger’s power. The material of the charger body is lacquered plastic. There are three connectors on the end face of the charger case: one input, Micro-USB, and two output USB. Dimensions: 150x65x20 mm. Weight – 330 g. Kit includes a 30 cm Micro-USB power cable. Price: $ 25.5.

ASUS ZenPower 10050 mAh ABTU005:  2,5 times charge for IPhone

The Portable charger’s USB port – 5.1V 2.4A output parameters render replenishment for iPhones, tablets, smartwatches, fitness bracelets. This device’s slots provide fast charging function also. An optimal charger’s capacity delivers a 2,5 times replenishment for a device with a 2000-3000 mAh battery. The power bank uses lithium-ion rechargeable cells. Micro-USB serves for external battery recharging. Replenishment time with standard 5V/2A adapter is 6 hours. With an adapter – 1A, the charging time increases to 8 hours. This device available to buy has one of the best multi-component systems of such chargers that protect against voltage surges, short circuits, overcharging.

Two ports of this portable charger for iPhone best buy model  – USB, Micro-USB, a power key, and a four LED diode are designed on the upper end of its case. The power button activates the LED indicator. Each of the four diodes is equivalent to 25% of the battery charge. When the battery is being charged, the diodes start to turn on from left to right. In power supply mode, the diodes light up in reverse order. The device has an aluminum case. All four side edges of the battery are rounded. On the top and bottom, there are white polycarbonate inserts. These materials have high impact-resistant properties. There is no mains charger included. You can charge the power bank battery from any USB port or use the supplied Micro USB-USB cable. Size: 90.5x59x22mm. Weight 215g. Kit includes Micro USB to USB cable. Price: $ 18.7.