What’s the best portable charger for IPhone 11?

Key technical features of the portable power bank relevant for IPhone 11 review

Modern power banks allow you to charge almost any device – be it a smartphone from Apple or any manufacturer that produces Android smartphones.  Powerbank electronic concept consists of several batteries connected to the controller board. This board contains micro cables for USB slots. Universal USB 2.0 interface renders compatibility with almost all kinds of smart devices. The key component of a portable charger is the battery. 

The greater the weight of the battery, the higher its capacity. The relevance of a power bank for a smartphone is determined by the formula: the battery volume of the smartphone is multiplied by 2 – 2.5, so that, for example, the iPhone 11 Pro Max with a 3969 mAh battery can be replenished at least twice. An external battery with a real capacity of 8000 – 10000 mAh is suitable to supply an optimal portable charger for IPhone 11. Today’s portable chargers run on lithium-polymer or lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-polymer batteries outperform Li-ion in almost all respects: less self-discharge, lower losses.

Average Li-ion batteries life span range varies from 1000 to 5000 recharging cycles. Modern external batteries have in their service menu a number of additional functions: Wireless and fast charging function for all QI enabled smartphones including IPhone 11,  and LED or digital display. Manufacturers of any definite portable charger also supply their models with deep discharge and overload protection controllers. The list of compelling advantages could be continued. But if inside the power bank is Li-Pol, the device can be taken on the jet. This review presents the technical characteristics of power banks that are most suitable for iPhone 11 and are convenient for business and leisure trips.

TP-LINK TL-PB10000: two times iPhone 11 replenishment

Li-Ion battery capacity  10000 mAh. Input: micro USB. Input voltage: 5 V. Input current: 2.1 A. Output: USB * 2. Maximum output current: 2.1 A. The maximum load capacity of each of the  optimal portable charger for IPhone 11 USB Type-A output ports is 2.1 A. The total output is limited to the same value. Power at 1 device connected is  10.5. V. The battery volume of the power bank provides the ability to replenish the iPhone 11 for two times. Design: the case of the power bank has rounded edges. Two standard USBs for connecting devices and a charging socket are located in the center of the upper surface of the case.

There is an indicator of the remaining charge, consisting of 5 LEDs located in the upper part of the case of the power bank.  At the top of the case rib, there is a power button to display the remaining power. The device contains the fuse sensor that creates a multi-component system for protecting the power bank and the device it charges from short circuits, voltage drops, overheating, and overcharging. The power bank can be charged using a standard wall adapter designed for 2A/5V operation. One of the best portable charger for IPhone 11 recharge time is 5 hours. Weight: 213 g. Dimensions: 154×66×14 mm. The package includes a USB cable – micro USB. Price: $18, 7.

CaseGuru CGPower: wireless charging  function &  embedded MicroUSB и Type-C cables

The portable charger has a Li-Pol battery capacity of 8000 mAh. Inputs-  Micro USB and USB C. Charge current USB A (1st) 2 A/10 W/. The charge current of the power bank via USB is 2 A. The device provides wireless charging with a power of 7.5 watts. Two USB outputs and the wireless charging function render three devices replenishment in a synchronized mode. For quick recharging of smartphones, tablets, and many modern smartphones, including IPhone 11,    Micro USB/Type C cables + Lightning adapter are built into the plastic case of the charger. Cables are rolled up and folded into special compartments located at the ends of the case. The external battery case comprises best-quality plastic. The one of the best portable charger for IPhone 11  has a digital LED display that notifies you about the charge level of the devices as a percentage. Power battery recharging time  –  two hours. Weight 200 gr. The kit includes a USB C cable. Price: $ 80.


Hoco B32-8000 Energetic: Qi wireless charging up to 5W and QC – 2.0,2.1, 3.0

The capacity of this power bank powered by lithium polymer batteries is 8000 mAh at 3.7 V. The charger interfaces are a standard USB Type-A port and a USB Type-C port. The first one works only for connecting serviced devices in 2.1A/5V mode. The second port charges the power bank itself in 2A/5V mode. The device offers an induction charging surface that provides Qi wireless charging up to 5W, equivalent to 1A/5V. Power bank provides fast charging function QC – 2.0, QC – 2.1, QC – 3.0, and Power Delivery function. –The device can restore the IPhone 11 battery and is compatible with all current models of flagship smartphones from leading global manufacturers, starting from 2017 – Apple, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, LG. This statement can be used as a reply for a customer request : «can you wirelessly charge IPhone11?».  

And if to make a reply to a request: » can this device render QI charge for IPhone11 in the case?» The answer will be: «Features of the energy transfer process allow you to wirelessly charge smartphones, IPhone11 or early versions in thin polymer cases or other non-metal cases”. In addition to smartphones, the mobile battery is compatible with any other gadgets equipped with a USB power port, namely with Bluetooth headsets, headphones, speakers, photo/video equipment, book readers, smartwatches. The device has a silicone coating for the wireless charging pad. The ring indicating the correct placement of the smartphone for QI charging is in the center of the upper surface of the power bank. The Type C and USB ports are at the top of the right rib of the power bank case. The charger power button is in the upper part of the opposite rib, next to the four-lamp LED. Each glowing diode of the charge indicator equals 25% of the capacity. The power bank has a shockproof housing with nickel-plated connectors to minimize deformation and corrosion. Size: 145x71x17 mm. Weight: 200 gr. Price: $18.71.

iWalk Scorpion Air 8000mAh: wireless charging function for all smartphones, incl. IPhone 11


One of the optimal portable wireless charger for IPhone 11 works with Li-Pol battery type. Input: 5V/2.0A, Output: 5V/2.4A (Max) Powerbank has four built-in cables: USB, Micro-USB, Lightning, Type-C. The portable charger provides synchronous charging for three devices, including IPhone 11. The wireless charging function of the power bank is compatible with all Qi smartphones. Powerbank provides the pass-through mode. When the battery receives the power from the mains charger, all devices plugged into it consume sequential replenishment. The complete charge time of the power bank battery in Power Delivery mode is 4.5 hours.

On the upper end of the case, there are all three power banks ports designed.  This place also contains a 5-lamp LED providing data on the battery charge level. Each glowing LED  corresponds to 25% of the power bank’s charge. The case material of the paver bank is plastic.  A corrugated surface with a geometric rhombus at the center covers the upper part of the charger case. The rhombus is a pointer to set the smartphone for QI charging powered by the one of the optimal portable wireless charger for IPhone 11. The charger has special compartments for folding the wires built into the case. The corrugated surface of the case of the power bank protects it from some mechanical influences. Size: 157x75x18 mm. Weight: 220 g. Price: $ 72.

Power bank INTERSTEP PB20Qi: QI function & 4 gadgets synchronized replenishment

The capacity of the lithium polymer battery of the power bank is 20,000 mAh. The device has two USB Type-A ports for charging smartphones and any smart devices. The USB Type-C provides charging for the battery itself and any gadget connected. The device renders a Power Delivery function via a USB Type-C cable. The Lightning port of the power bank can replenish iPhone XI and earlier Phones 8, XR, XS. To provide an 18W charge, the cable must be MFi certified.

The first USB-A port provides Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging function. The second USB-A port gives out the usual 5 V. The power bank can render wireless charging according to the Qi standard with a power of 5 W, 7.5 W for iPhone, and 10 W for Samsung S-series and Note smartphones. A four-lamp LED located on the upper end of the case indicates the battery charge level. Each LED is equivalent to 25% of the battery volume. And the technical features described above is a good example of what’s the best portable charger for Iphone 11. 

When iPhone is charging wirelessly, a red LED indicates the process. The power button and all three power bank ports are under the LED. The Lightning port is at the top of the left rib of the power bank case. The upper part of the charger, which serves as a QI platform,  comprises a material made of eco-leather. The charging time of the power bank is 12 hours. In high-speed mode using MFi certified cable at 18W, charging time is 5 hours. The power bank has a plastic case with eco-leather inserts. Size: 163×76×24 mm. Weight: 445g. Price: $67,5

Trust Primo  Wireless Charging Power Bank 20000: to feed 3 devices at once: 2 «by wire» & 1 «by air».

The total capacity of the Li-Pol battery of the power bank is 20,000 mAh. Powerbank provides three interfaces. The charge current via USB is 2 A/5V/. Charge current USB C 2.4 A/5V. Charge current USB A (1st) 3 A/5V/. The power bank provides 5W Qi 1,2,4 wireless charging. The maximum power for one device reaches 15 W, and in total, it is possible to feed 3 devices at once: two “by wire” and one “by air”. The total capacity of the power bank provides about 92 hours of additional work for a smartphone or 23 hours for a tablet. Such capabilities of the portable charger are relevant not only for Iphone 11, but what’s the best – for a big amount of another  smart equipment.

The device has a controller board that protects the power bank and the devices it charges from voltage surges, short circuits, overheating, and overcharging. Full charging time of the power bank is 6 hours. All 3 ports of the power bank are on the upper end of the charger case. The power button of the power bank is in the upper part of the right rib of the case. The case material of the power bank is rubberized plastic. The QI platform surface comprises rubberized plastic with anti-slip properties. Abovementioned technical characteristics is an optimal example of what’s the best portable charger for Iphone 11.Size 162x78x24 mm. Weight 440 g. The delivery set includes a micro-USB adapter cable. Price: $ 33.3.